Thanks for taking an interest in me here. I've been working in film and television for nearly 3 decades now. I've shot and edited a Great White Shark documentary, 'GREAT WHITE ENCOUNTERS', a Tiger Shark documentary, 'WALTER AND THE TIGERS' and some short nature movies.

I admit some of these films are old and with amateur equipment (so much SD!) but I'm continuously upgrading my tools and my professional approach all the time, as I'm working towards making more ocean/nature documentaries right now.

I've also been doing film extra/photographic/acting work as my heart just loves big movie making (my stomach loves big catering on these movie sets too!)

I'm hoping to find work in film making, videography/editing, whether part of a camera/post production team, even at a trainee or assistant stage.

Do please take a look at my films in this site, I hope they will excite and move you, and that you will want to work with me. 

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